Secure payment

The Customer agrees to pay when placing the order. The initial price listed on the website for each of the products offered will be added corresponding to the relevant shipping costs rates. In any case, these tariffs will be reported to the customer before completing the purchase.

The ticket or receipt corresponding to the purchase order will be available and displayed on in "My account", "My Orders".

The Customer shall pay the amount of their order by:

- TPV: Credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, 4B, MASTERCARD)

- Paypal

- Credit Transfer

In the case of TPV through credit card, your data is transmitted securely by means of an SSL connection directly to your bank, which accepts or rejects the payment at any time as cannot get  or retain it.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer we will send you an informative e-mail in which your order and the account where the transfer should be done will appear, we will ship the order the moment we receive your receipt.

If you prefer to pay through Paypal you only have to provide your account, you can also make payment by credit card through Paypal without having an account.

The Customer shall notify the Company any improper or fraudulent charge to the card used for purchases, by email or telephone, in the shortest time possible for the company to make the necessary arrangements.